NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch Visits the Kronic Relief Facility

Tuesday, November 24, 2021

Tuesday was a busy day for us. On top of our daily responsibilities, we had some guests stop by to see our facility. One of those guests was NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch who also happens to be an Advisor for Kronic Relief Inc. Marshawn has a really busy schedule so we were honoured he was able to stop by and take a look at our operation as well as meet some of our staff. 

Most people are familiar with Marshawn’s brand Beast Mode® but he’s also got a cannabis brand named Dodi™ Blunts that originated in Oakland, California. Marshawn has a lifelong love affair with cannabis and giving back. That’s reflected in the craftsmanship of Dodi™ Blunts and the fact that many Black and Brown hands helped make Dodi™ Blunts a reality.

Marshawn and Dodi™ Blunts have a clear agenda when it comes to cannabis. When you smoke Dodi™ Blunts you are helping to:

  • Expunge cannabis records
  • Raise money and awareness for local causes
  • Support local arts and culture in underrepresented cities

Hopefully Canadian cannabis consumers will soon be able to enjoy Dodi™ Blunts while supporting great people and a great initiative.

Below are some images from Marshawn’s tour with our CEO Steven Conville.