Elevated Signals Tour

Tuesday, November 24, 2021

When it comes to cannabis regulations one thing is for sure – record keeping is an essential part of your business. Regulators often request very specific information that you must be able to submit in a timely and organized manor. Furthermore, certain records must be kept for upwards of two years. Paper records create storage challenges and are very time consuming to sort. Having a digital platform that can easily parse information but also provide your team with powerful tools to do their job is paramount to your success.

We looked at several different tracking platforms that were created for the cannabis industry but in the end, we went with Elevated Signals. From training to customer support – their team did a great job to make us feel comfortable. Check out their website for more information.

On Tuesday the Elevated Signals team came to visit our facility. They spent a good part of the afternoon with our CEO Steven Conville touring the facility while checking out our legacy and current cultivars.

Below are some pictures from their visit.