Recap: Lift & Co. Expo 2021

Saturday, November 20, 2021
Metro Toronto Convention Centre – North Building

The Lift & Co. Expo is the largest industry and consumer cannabis event in Canada. Our team attended on Saturday which was a consumer day.

Our CEO Steven Conville was participating in a panel to discuss consumables, edibles, and beverages alongside industry peers Shauna Levy, Jaipaul Massey-Singh, Neil Marotta and moderator Alex Revich. The panel tackled various questions about product potency limits, purchase limits, restrictive packaging requirements and the difference between cannabis and alcohol marketing.

Regardless of how or why you consume cannabis, how high or low of a tolerance you have; recreational cannabis is for adults and those consumers should be treated as adults. Why are consumers limited to <8 grams of extracts or 30g of dried flower when alcohol can be purchased without limits? Why are you limited to a 5 pack of cannabis beverages when you can buy a 24 pack of beer?

Purchase restrictions for cannabis products only make sense when you are trying to deal with a supply and demand issue. Nobody is purchasing cannabis products from the legal market to sell on the legacy market or to their friends. However, with alcohol there are many “afterhours” delivery services that sell marked up alcohol that was legally purchased from the L.C.B.O. during times when the sale of alcohol is not permitted.

Many speculate that as the cannabis industry matures, regulations will be eased, and consumers will see more similarities between how cannabis and alcohol are sold. Until then it’s important that we continue to share our feedback with regulators and industry leaders so we can help shape the cannabis industry into something everyone can benefit from.

After the panel we toured the floor and spent some time with our friends from Mother Labs and Elevated Signals. Below are some photos from Steven’s panel and our tour of the Lift & Co. Expo.