Perpetual Harvest System

Flexibility and consistency – a new crop each week!

Growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience but it takes skill, time, attention to detail, and patience. You also need access to good genetics that are popular with the cannabis consumer. The journey to harvesting your crop is full of anticipation and expectations. As a commercial cannabis company it’s critical that we’re able to produce at a rate that can cover our expenses and build revenue without sacrificing quality. 

A perpetual harvest system allows our team to harvest a crop of cannabis each week rather than every 8-12 weeks. Our system has been proven to deliver efficient, high-quality cannabis on a weekly basis. That’s fifty-two (52) crops in a calendar year. It requires a lot of planning and understanding of the cultivars as each strain can have slightly different growth times. While plants are flowering, other plants are in the vegging state and clones are prepared for pre-veg. When a room is harvested, everything moves forward one step.

Our facility has been built to support a perpetual harvest system. Each stage of the cannabis plant was considered when creating our layout and that resulted in a facility that functions efficiently and effectively. This allows us the flexibility to curate a list of cultivars that can be rotated monthly, quarterly or semi-annually depending on product saturation or consumer desire among many other factors. One of the benefits to having a huge variety of quality legacy strains is that you’re able to switch things up throughout the year and keep your product line up fresh with new and exciting cultivars. Consumer desired strains will always be in rotation with some new strains being squeezed into the mix without disrupting our biggest sellers.

We are currently offering up floor space at our 16000 sq ft facility. If you’re interested in working with a legacy brand that has over seven (7) years experience creating efficient, high-quality cannabis – we’d love to hear from you.